farewell 2009

Photo Creds: Howden / FreeDigitalPhotos.net

A grand total of 9 posts – that’s the final count of blog entries I did in 2009.

So, the verdict is out. I’m guilty of having neglected this space for the past one year.

As 2009 comes to a close, I feel that it’s paramount to recap what I’ve done in 2009, review how these have measured up against my resolutions for the year, and of course, set new goals and objectives for 2010 moving forward.

Refreshing my memory, here are the 2009 resolutions in short (details from here) and the corresponding updates:

  1. Cut down on harmful habits (i.e. smoking)Quit smoking, and haven’t gone back to it since November 2007! Check
  2. Explore activities that I’ve always wanted to tryPreviously, I mentioned that I have embarked on a new hobby and that was baking. I’m happy to say that I’ve tried my hand at making different pastries and desserts, and most have turned out pretty well. And no, I didn’t burn down the kitchen, not even close. Yay! Check
  3. Nurture my relationship with my loved one to the next stageIt’s been pretty good this year, so… Check
  4. Make further progress on my career I’m not too happy with whatever “progress” I’ve made by my standards, so I’m going to consider this NOT done.
  5. Adopt a more Zen mindset to handle whatever challenges life throws in my path, be it personal or work-related mattersSubjective, but I think I’m doing better at this, so Check

Alright, 4/5! That’s not too bad.

Other highlights in 2009 include…

  1. First visit to Cambodia, Siem Reap – This was a country that didn’t used to feature high in my “must-visit” list, but I am now in awe of the majestic Angkor Wat. An added bonus point: Beer’s cheaper than water there too! Really!
  2. First visit to Australia, Sydney – This was a solo work-trip, and also my virgin experience to the land down under. I wouldn’t call it enjoyable, but it was a self-discovery journey of sorts. I’m thankful for the experience, and also, to get to know my Ozzie colleagues better.
  3. Pink Dot 2009 – Participated in a social-cause event promoting freedom to love without discrimination. A worthwhile cause! I hope the event happens again, people here need to be constantly reminded to judge less and respect more.
  4. Geek-ing away – With prolong exposure substances termed “technology”, “social media platforms” and “gadgets”, I find myself increasingly attracted to these addictive elements. A most unexpected turn of events.
  5. Exploring new interests and activities – Baking (pies, muffins, cakes, cookies, scones…you name it), tennis (a failed first attempt – I think lessons are in order)
  6. Bad fall in office – One of the low-lights of 2009. Had a minor accident in office and sprained my neck and shoulder. Right before my holiday trip to Hong Kong too! Suey-ness.
  7. Rise of “flash-mobs” in Singapore – MJ’s death shocked the world, and to commemorate his work and music, several flash mobs (adapted from the global wave) were spotted in Singapore. These are amongst the firsts to gain quite some publicity here, I believe.
  8. Second visit to Hong Kong – My first visit was my grad trip, where I visit the bustling city with hall friends, in 2005. This time, I revisited this charming country with my partner – exploring new sights and revisiting familiar places that felt totally different.
  9. Ris Low with “BOOMZ” and “Shingz My Life” – Need I say more? She hogged the headlines of our mainstream papers and tabloids for quite some days. A low-light, I think…?

That ought to cover most of my 2009.

Enough of looking back, we’re less than 6 hours away in welcoming 2010, and I’m going to take this time to think about what I want to achieve in 2010.

Goodbye 2009 – it’s hasn’t been an easy ride, but we’ve survived it together, thank you. Here’s to an awesome 2010!