This used to be my playground

This used to be my playground…..


Now, it’s being demolished, taking away the possibility of creating anymore future memories here.

A few nights back, I was on the way home from work where I stopped and stared in horror at the sight before my eyes. Amber construction-site tape and hazard barriers surrounded the playground below my block…and half of the playground structure has already been demolished by the evil-looking excavator.

Shocked. Horrified. Sad.

That playground held many memories for me.

Not so much for my childhood as compared to my teenage years.

I’ve sat there at night with friends, catching up, talking through problems or just chatting about anything under the stars.

I’ve sat there with dates to steal that last conversation before saying goodbye for the night.

I’ve sat there by myself, thinking through issues or just to get away from things to have a little time alone.

I’ve sat there trying to catch my breath and not cramp up in agony after evening runs.

The playground has seen me through happy times, heart-throbbing times, the sad or even emo/depressing times when I were alot younger and thought that the world was coming to an end because of some adolescent problem that I had.

And now, with nary a warning, the place has been torn down. Just like that.

It’s really quite upsetting.

Right now, there’s a song that keeps running through my head. It has always been a old favourite of mine, especially with the sentimental, haunting way that she sang it. And the things that the lyrics taught me.

But now, it more than strikes a cord with how I feel…