Ad Talk – Carlsberg

To celebrate the upcoming festivities, Carlsberg has embarked on an ad campaign featuring celebrities such as Fiona Xie, Michelle Chia etc.

After watching this particular ad, I was amused by two things:

1. Fiona Xie’s lousy command of Mandarin (FYI, it was an ad aired on channel eight)
2. Fiona Xie was the appointed HEALTH ambassador for Carlsberg.

For goodness sake, this is a BEER ad. Beer and health DO NOT go together.

If the purpose of doing this was to enhance the image of Carlsberg beer by associating it with health and/or a healthy lifestyle, this ad has done achieved exactly the opposite effect.

When you remind viewers to take care of their health during a beer ad, wouldn’t this come to mind:

“Yah, health’s important, better not drink so much.”

As Cowboy might say…