Post-AWARE Saga

I’m sure that, by this time, most of you would be aware that the no-confidence motion has been passed, with the Old Guards being restored as the ex-co of AWARE. Although I wasn’t able to be there in person at Suntec on Saturday, I followed the entire proceedings closely via Twitter. Watching post-event videos of the EOGM, I can only imagine the level of tension and emotions that run throughout the course of the meeting.

Yes, the AWARE saga has come to an end and needless to say, I’m pleased with the outcome.

1 for equality, 0 for discrimination.

However, the end of this saga is only the beginning of the ex-co’s work now. The brand new ex-co, led by Dana Lam, and the work that they do, would be scrutinized more closely than ever, especially after their enormous surge in membership in these past few weeks. I sincerely hope that they will live up to their promises to promote gender equality for all, creating an environment for women that is pro choice and inclusive.

That aside, I think this AWARE saga is also a fantastic case study to examine the role and impact of the new media. Through virtual word-of-mouth,websites, blogs, Facebook and Twitter, the Old Guard had quickly made their side of the story heard by the online masses. By communicating and promoting awareness of their situation and challenges, they were able to garner the support of many within an extremely short period of time – such is power and dynamic nature of new media and its tools.

This saga has showcased the might of virtual communication and online communities. As much as you and I might think that this is a good development, I’m sure there are those that are kept awake at night thinking how this could work for or against them, and what steps they can take to mitigate this risk. Wait and see.