Singapore bank supports anti-gay efforts – possibly encouraging social discrimination?

I’ve always known that homosexuality is a sensitive issue in Singapore, since a large majority of the general public still might subscribe and/or adhere to more conservative traits and perceptions. Fortunately, most of these people are also broad-minded enough to accept the possibility that people might be or can be different – hence, discrimination isn’t rampant – especially amongst the younger generation.

However, I am extremely appalled and deeply disturbed to find that one of our Singapore bank seems to be supporting anti-gay efforts by a “supposedly charitable organization with religious links” to spread the Christmas cheer. Irony, i suppose, will be an understatement here.

Find the full story HERE.

Here are my questions after reading this:

To the alleged Singapore bank

  • Are you positioning yourself to be an enterprise that is associated with anti-gay sentiments?
  • As a reputable organization, are you NOT prone to check and verify the status/reputation of other organizations that you associate yourself with?
  • Are you aligning yourself to a particular religion and are you insulating that that particular religion holds certain perceptions with respect to sexual orientation?
  • If there was any mis-communication involved, why are you not stepping forward to make clarifications? Do you think that quoting a un-named spokesperson is sufficient to clarify these issues?
  • Do you recognize the fact that you can possibly be creating social discrimination on some level?

Until this issue is clarified or resolved, I would definitely stop using the alleged bank’s services and would encourage other friends to do the same.

Corporate responsibility – step up to it.