Post-AWARE Saga

I’m sure that, by this time, most of you would be aware that the no-confidence motion has been passed, with the Old Guards being restored as the ex-co of AWARE. Although I wasn’t able to be there in person at Suntec on Saturday, I followed the entire proceedings closely via Twitter. Watching post-event videos of the EOGM, I can only imagine the level of tension and emotions that run throughout the course of the meeting.

Yes, the AWARE saga has come to an end and needless to say, I’m pleased with the outcome.

1 for equality, 0 for discrimination.

However, the end of this saga is only the beginning of the ex-co’s work now. The brand new ex-co, led by Dana Lam, and the work that they do, would be scrutinized more closely than ever, especially after their enormous surge in membership in these past few weeks. I sincerely hope that they will live up to their promises to promote gender equality for all, creating an environment for women that is pro choice and inclusive.

That aside, I think this AWARE saga is also a fantastic case study to examine the role and impact of the new media. Through virtual word-of-mouth,websites, blogs, Facebook and Twitter, the Old Guard had quickly made their side of the story heard by the online masses. By communicating and promoting awareness of their situation and challenges, they were able to garner the support of many within an extremely short period of time – such is power and dynamic nature of new media and its tools.

This saga has showcased the might of virtual communication and online communities. As much as you and I might think that this is a good development, I’m sure there are those that are kept awake at night thinking how this could work for or against them, and what steps they can take to mitigate this risk. Wait and see.


I’ve been back from Cambodia since the second week of March, but work and life, in general, as kept me away. Despite the busy schedule, I’ve kept up with news and happenings of the blogosphere. With much disgust, I’ve been closely following the developments that were unfolding in the AWARE saga thus far. I’ve read numerous articles on traditional media, dailies, blog posts and tweets.

As a woman, here’s how I feel about this:

Amazed, Disgust, Consoled

I’m thoroughly amazed – amazed at the level of deceit that has played out in this entire saga, right from the planned and callously calculated takeover, amazed at the type of comments the new exco seemed to have expressed during their hastily called-for press conference and amazed that these people are actually respected and successful professionals in their respective fields.

Next came disgust. I’m disgusted at how some people can proclaim God’s name to deploy such questionable tactics. Although I’m no formal Christian, but I have an enormous amount of respect and belief for the religion, being educated in mainly missionary schools throughout my schooling years. And I still do maintain my stand on this. The AWARE saga is not about religion, it’s about some selected group of people exercising their perceived sense of “self righteousness” to discriminate against a certain group of minorities. This is about discrimination.

Amidst all the bullshit, I’ve found solace in one thing – that I’ve seen many speak up, voicing their thoughts, their views, their opinions with regards to this issue. Of course, to be honest, most of what I’ve seen go in favor of the old guards, of which I heartily agree (if it’s already not obvious to you now). I do, however, feel a tinge of regret: Why does it take such an incident to wake us up from our apathy?

Don’t take it from us. Go, look at the information, look at what both parties (new exco and old guards) are saying, and make an informed decision about who you think best personifies what AWARE should stand for.

Remember, AWARE was formed to protect women’s rights and equality. Save it, protect it, preserve it. For more information, please read:

You can make a difference.

Make your choice at the EOGM on 2 May 2009. Refer to the above website for further details.

Barack Obama: Yes We Can!

Although the election process isn’t complete yet, America has already chosen its next President Elect – Barack Obama.

Obama - President Elect 2008

However, despite all the on-going festivities from his victory, his post-election speech at Grant Park as President Elect was a relatively sombre one highlighting that this win is akin to being given an opportunity for change to happen and outlining the future major challenges that have come to rest on his shoulders.

I, for one, am glad that he has not become overly heady with his win and recognizes the enormous difficult tasks that lie ahead of him.

God bless Obama, God bless America…and Singapore too!

I wonder, when can we elect our very own President too?

Faceoff: Obama versus McCain

The clock’s ticking and as seconds slip by, American citizens are in the midst of voting for their next President.

As a superpower, the outcome of this election isn’t purely America’s decision to bear, and will definitely have a global impact. This is especially so for the two highlighted issues that have been debated upon endlessly – America’s fight against terrorism and more pressingly, how the new President is going to enable America (and the rest of the world) to recover, or at least, minimize the negative impacts of the current financial crisis.

After so much fanfare, to me, it comes down to this:

McCain: Boasts prestigious past and wealth of experience. However, this “wealth of experience” can jolly well be his tripping stone. Will he be too steeped in the old way of doing things (being so closely linked to the previous Bush administration) to change? Clearly, the previous leader and his policies haven’t seemed to have worked that well, especially for the average American.

Obama: Speaks of change and new ideals. Although we would have no way of knowing if these proposed new ideas will work, but surely, it’s better than sticking to old methods that are clearly not effective? A case of choosing between the lesser of two evils? Hmm, I ponder. However, his skin color might prove to be a deal breaker, for we have no way of measuring if racism has TRULY (not just on the surface) been eliminated. Is America ready for a black president?

My choice?

I’m in the Obama camp, for I believe in the importance of being forward looking – and the ability of having the courage to take the lead in embracing change.

Change shouldn’t be undertaken just for the sake of it, but when the situation calls, it definitely takes a true leader to have the guts to make a calculated decision (for better or worse) and install the implementations correspondingly.

How about you? What’s your choice?