Faceoff: Obama versus McCain

The clock’s ticking and as seconds slip by, American citizens are in the midst of voting for their next President.

As a superpower, the outcome of this election isn’t purely America’s decision to bear, and will definitely have a global impact. This is especially so for the two highlighted issues that have been debated upon endlessly – America’s fight against terrorism and more pressingly, how the new President is going to enable America (and the rest of the world) to recover, or at least, minimize the negative impacts of the current financial crisis.

After so much fanfare, to me, it comes down to this:

McCain: Boasts prestigious past and wealth of experience. However, this “wealth of experience” can jolly well be his tripping stone. Will he be too steeped in the old way of doing things (being so closely linked to the previous Bush administration) to change? Clearly, the previous leader and his policies haven’t seemed to have worked that well, especially for the average American.

Obama: Speaks of change and new ideals. Although we would have no way of knowing if these proposed new ideas will work, but surely, it’s better than sticking to old methods that are clearly not effective? A case of choosing between the lesser of two evils? Hmm, I ponder. However, his skin color might prove to be a deal breaker, for we have no way of measuring if racism has TRULY (not just on the surface) been eliminated. Is America ready for a black president?

My choice?

I’m in the Obama camp, for I believe in the importance of being forward looking – and the ability of having the courage to take the lead in embracing change.

Change shouldn’t be undertaken just for the sake of it, but when the situation calls, it definitely takes a true leader to have the guts to make a calculated decision (for better or worse) and install the implementations correspondingly.

How about you? What’s your choice?