SPF – 警徽天职 (C.L.I.F)

If you follow Singapore’s local TV occasionally, you would know that Channel 8 has recently aired a Mandarin drama series named C.L.I.F. This short, 20-episode series depict the life and job of our policemen and law enforcers from the Singapore Police Force (SPF).


Many have criticised that the show feels more like an extended recruitment drive advertisement for the SPF, some have even gone as far as to call it propaganda. But even if it was, is such “propaganda” always bad? Or are we too quick to jump to conclusions and judge near-everything associated with public services as propaganda?

Singapore is well-known to be a safe and secure nation – and I believe many people would agree that alot of the credit for this goes to the SPF (amongst other defense and law enforcement units). Sometimes, just because we don’t see the danger or crime happening, we assume that all’s rosy and that crime seldom happens, if at all. We forget that there are people putting themselves on the frontline to stop or minimise crime, defending our little red dot against crooks and criminals.

Even if the series might have featured some heavy doses of ad-copy-like-lines, I still feel that this show does provide a little more insight into the day-to-day duties of the men/women in blue, as well as, serve as a reminder of what is happening out there and what can possibly happen. Just because it hasn’t happen doesn’t mean it wouldn’t in future. Hopefully, this show will drive home the message that we shouldn’t take security for granted.

Although the series may have many possible areas of improvement, give the show some credit already. At the very least, they don’t seem to be issuing iPads right? 🙂

For more information on CLIF, you can go here.