Sometimes, I feel really tired and I start to question myself…what am I doing this for?

For money?

But I’m not after a high end lifestyle, and I don’t think I’m particularly high maintenance.

For fame?

I don’t particularly want to be famous, I really just want to do a good job, to contribute meaningfully to the business, to the brand.

To personal satisfaction?

Perhaps. I take pride in what I do; and constantly want to be better, if not the best. Every piece of work should involve best effort in fulfilling the needs of business and balancing various demands of stakeholders.

But sometimes, this can be a difficult and frustrating act to juggle, especially if both are not aligned.

Today is just one of those days when I’m not sure why am I doing this anymore, why am I trying to make sense out of some seemingly impossible asks, questioning if I should just give it all up.

But walking away feels like defeat, like I’ve lost to the challenge…something that I cannot accept.

Not ready to throw in the towel, but trying to overcome it seems to be testing my limits.



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