Living life, better.

In the blink of an eye, we’ve now come to yet another new year. Welcome to 2013, ladies and gentlemen, the year I’m going to turn 30.

Do I feel like I’m 30? No, not really.

But how exactly is being 30 suppose to feel like? I imagine it’s feeling all grown up, always knowing what to do in all situations, always feeling tired since folks at 30 supposedly don’t have stamina like younger people, especially when it comes to nights out.


Nah, not really.

But now, I find myself wanting to do all sorts of ridiculous things that I had never done, not even when I was a teenager.

I was always the sensible teenager – the one with a good head on her shoulders, they said. In my younger days, I’ve skipped over several phases of life such as idol-chasing, skipping school…can’t think of anymore now.

However, I now find myself indulging in a youth fallacy.

Not too long ago, someone introduced me to a Korean variety show, Running Man (RM). Initially, the overall concept of the show sounded really lame (adults tearing off each others’ name tags). But, after I’ve watched a couple of episodes, I was hooked.

The overall concept described above was still correct, however, what made the show thoroughly entertaining was the RM cast. Their live commentary, their banter on show proved more than sufficient to overcome the language barrier, enticing me to become a fan.

It was through this variety show that I came to know Kim Jong Kook. Great singer, good entertainer and, based on the RM show, he seems to be someone with wits and good values. Doesn’t hurt that he looks cute and (ahem) strong too.

It’s been a long time since I’ve been so taken with someone and his works.

This interest has also motivated me to want to pick up a new language skill (Hangul) to better understand the overall K-culture, conversations and also, to better appreciate his works. In my recent trip to Korea, I’ve also purposefully went out in search of his albums.

The above, to you, may not seem like anything wild.

But to me, it’s the most I’ve done that’s closest to idol-chasing.

Some say it’s an attempt to cling on to younger years. Others say it’s a reaction to some recent major changes in my life.

I say that it’s just me throwing off some of the stringent controls I’ve placed on myself for so many years to indulge and live a little….within reasonable limits.

This year, I’m not sure if I want to set resolutions. Maybe just one.

I want to live my life, better.



The Before-30 List


For some reason, we seem awfully fond of making lists. Resolution lists, shopping lists, grocery lists, t0-do lists, and even bucket lists. Just a month ago, I celebrated my 28th birthday, i.e. I’m now officially less than two years away from the big 3-0!

A little intimidating I have to say.

30 just seems so grown-up, you know? Yes, I know that I’ve long entered adulthood legally, but hitting this milestone age is kinda different. Since it’s way too early to start feeling all depressed about this (it is, after all, more than a year away, and that’s a goddamn long time to be mopey), I’ve decided to make a Before-30 list.

Similar to the concept of the bucket list (just slightly less morbid), this Before-30 list will contain things that I want to do/achieve/try before I hit that publicly-dreaded age (although sometimes I really wonder what’s the fuss about. Maybe it just hasn’t hit me…yet).

The Before-30 list

  1. Run a 10km run (
  2. Travel to Europe, and take in the sights, smells and feel of cities like London, Paris and Rome
  3. Sign up for a dance class
  4. Learn how to Rollerblade AGAIN (Actually, I’m still in two minds about this particular one.)
  5. (to be continued)

That’s all for now, but I’ll probably make revisions to this list whenever mood strikes me.

For those of you who are approaching the big 3-0 too, do you have a similar list as well? If so, I’ll really like to hear from you.

P/S: While searching for some suitable imagery to go along with this post, I’ve discovered that there’s a sort of 30-before-30 movement online. Essentially, people are making a list of thirty things that they’ll like to do before reaching thirty. Maybe I should look at expanding my list to do that too.

Alrighty, maybe that will be done as we go along. 🙂

what people ought to know, but don’t – especially me

i’ve learnt one very important thing over my last weekend:

NEVER (and i really mean never ever) eat flu medicine before going for a drinking session.

you’ll be out before you know it. and you won’t even know what the fuck hit you until it’s too late.

take it from me.

p/s: sorry for the delay in the birthday pictures, they’ll be up soon – i promise! by this week, no less.

pp/s: happy birthdays to the feb/march babies – gracey, wendy and ivan!

happy birthday to me – another 365 days older

another 365 days have passed and i’m one year older again.

it’s my birthday and i’m stuck at the kl international airport waiting for my flight home – exhausted and incredibly sleepy.

what a lousy way to spend this special day – not sleeping enough, worrying and working my ass off.

damn it.

happy birthday

anyway, happy birthday to me.

more updates on this eventful work trip when i’m back home – the internet connection is horrible here.

p/s: thank you for all the birthday wishes, i’m really touched that you remembered!

happy belated birthday, singapore!

yes, i know. i’m late again.

national day was 9 august, and i’m only writing about this on (let’s see)… 13 august!

oh well, better to be late than never, i guess.


going back into time by a couple of months, i first heard the ndp 2007 theme song on television. the song was sung by kit chan with lyrics written by jimmy ye. since both of them are very talented local artistes, i naturally had high expectations of the ndp 2007 theme song.

however, after listening to the song, i was pretty disappointed – both the music and lyrics didn’t speak to me, unlike the previous ndp song that kit sung – home. has our local artistes lost their touch, or had i grown too cynical to appreciate the song?

why? why didn’t the song touch me? do i not love singapore as much as i did in the past when i was much younger? what happened?

questions, questions.

in the days that followed, i’ve had the opportunity to listen the song a few more times and i realised that the song gradually began to speak to me.

the song was reflective of what singapore is going through as its citizens become more globalised and well-travelled. we’ve come a long way from what we used to be – a fishermen’s village. our people are now well-educated with broadened horizons. as the world becomes smaller, we’re now encouraged to look outwards.

and the song reflected all of that.

we might have been to major cosmopolitan cities such as london, paris and new york and experienced their cultures and ways of living. however, no matter how glitzy or seductive those cities were, the ultimate place that we miss…the country where we were born and raised.

the ndp 2007 theme song – there’s no place i’d rather be

it’s true. our family, our friends are all here. how far can the pod fall from its tree?

and yes, we lament about our lack of freedom here, about the high yet ever-increasing costs of living, about the stressful and overbearing hectic lifestyles…

but yet, we also enjoy the stability that this country offers us, the honest leadership, the meritocracy system that we’re not judged based on our colour or race.

for that, i still am thankful.

happy birthday, singapore. may we grow and mature together – blissfully, peacefully and happily.

happy birthday chean!

today is that day was a very special day!

it’s chean’s birthday!

the group of us finally managed to pick a day whereby everyone is free to meet up for chean’s birthday and dinner was set to be at a particular japanese restaurant in suntec city.

having arrived earlier at the restaurant, i decided to show chean my new work toy…which reminded me that i had unfinished work waiting to be done.

chean and me 1

look at chean’s face with glee as i stared ever-so-woefully at the ibook. evurl, tsk!

not too long after, dazzie and jun arrived. since all four of us were suffering from the growling stomachs, we decided to go ahead and refuel ourselves without cozi.

judging by the menu, the restaurant’s speciality is their katsu items. hence…



oh yes, it’s japanese cuisine again. it’ll always be japanese cuisine when the girls decide upon the dining place, okay?!

as our food was arriving, our dearest cozi decided to make his appearance at last by walking up and down along the entrance of the restaurant. finally, we’re all gathered!

after we wasted away hours eating, catching up and gossiping about what’s-happening-to-other-common-people-we-know, we adjorned to starbucks where the guys (yes, the guys!) decided to surprise chean with a makeshift birthday cake.


warm chocolate cake with lovely chocolate sauce…how sweet, right?

the night ended much later with chatter, laughter and cam-whoring with cammie. it wasn’t a spectacular celebration…but it was one that’s filled with warmth.


if i hadn’t said it enough, happy birthday, chean! may all your wishes come true…

and also, may we have many such nights in the days ahead.

Birthday Galore

It has been a wind-whirl of activities for me, especially last weekend. Although I’ve been on leave from Wednesday to Friday last week, it seemed as though work has never really left my mind. I even went back to office on Friday to check, clear and reply my work email.

I’ve been working for at least 13 hours everyday this week. I think I’m becoming a nerd! Yay! Let’s see how long I can hold out for, while maintaining this crazy shitload of work.

Anyway, I’ve spent last Friday and Saturday wasting away my lungs and liver again. Sleeping at 6am in the morning for two nights consectively really isn’t alot of fun when you’re aging. Oh yar, and we celebrated JL’s birthday on Saturday night too!

Birthdays are evil business. On almost everyone’s birthday, I’ve seen them plied with so much alcohol…(think martell/ chivas/ beer/ mixed/ submarines etc) that they’ve to be carried home most of the time. Seems it’s almost like a tradition.

I just realised that alot of my friends’ birthdays occur during February and March and this, most certainly, spells trouble for my wallet. But then again, these are really special occasions that come around the corner once a year.

Besides work and play, I’ve been rather caught up in buying furniture for my bedroom as well. I was rather excited about it initally, but the excitement gradually wore off with my pre-occupation with my work. I suppose I’ll have to find it real sooon again…so that I can get myself to pack the room and welcome my new furniture which will be delivered this coming Saturday!

With so much on my mind, I guess I must make some notes and to-do lists to remind myself of what I’ve intended to do.

Blog to-dos:

  1. Review film on The Protege (as a reminder on the show – to myself)
  2. Introduce pictures/ visuals on the blog?
  3. Resolutions for 2007

Note to self: Must remember to do…

happy birthday, dazzie!

today’s another special day!

today’s dazziemon’s birthday!

happy birthday, dazziemon!

i’m so glad to have known you in my university days. starting from our days in 27 right til our last days in 24/25, we’ve created so many memories.

somehow, thinking back now, the first image that came to my mind is what happens during examination time. everytime when this awful period is around the corner, everyone starts to mug intensively and the stress level shoots straight up so much so that you can practically feel the temperature rising in the rooms.

whenever the material gets overwhelming and a mental break is in order, me and chean will sneak into dazziemon’s room and start to disturb him.

most of the times, he gets ‘beaten’ by us soundly.

– awfully good stress-busting activity. heh. –

and he always has cute biscuits in his blue cookie jar, which will be ‘stunned’ by the regular visitors to his room… i especially love those tiny cookies with colourful hard icing on top? those that you could get in the traditional grocery shop displayed in huge tins?

and when my computer was down, he would allow me to play dota on his computer when he’s not around. yay!

and he’ll listen to me whine and complain, telling him incoherent things… but somehow, he manages to pierce together the underlying stories most of the time.

oh no, i’m beginning to sound like an old lady… now i know why the old folks always like to go ‘想当年 …’

so… for one last time, before the clock strikes twelve, i sincerely hoped that you’ve had a smashing birthday, dazmond! and that all your wishes, hopes and dreams will come true…



happy birthday, ben!

this might come a little late, but nonetheless…

happy birthday, benjamin!

you’ve been a very special person…someone that had seen most of my ups and downs in these recent years. like a big brother, you’ve provided the shoulder to lean on, a listening ear and invaluable advice when i’m lost, confused or feeling down. you’ve lectured me when i couldn’t see reason or when i was plainly being stubborn, not wanting to admit my mistakes or misconceptions.

you’ve seen me at my worst, with choking sobs and a tear-stained face but yet, you still stood beside me, offering that comforting hand and mayhap, a guiding lamp when i was lost in the darkness and ugliness of my own mind.

you will always be one of those people who came into my life, and left a footprint so deep that it can never be washed away. nor do i wish for it do be washed away.

i hope you’ve enjoyed your special day.

thank you for all you’ve done for me…and for being you.

i hope we will still have many birthdays together!

love always,