I’ve never been good at saying goodbye gracefully.

Every time I’ve had someone I cared about leave, be it a friend relocating overseas, myself going away on a holiday – away from family/partner –  or a colleague departing to explore a new opportunity, the stir of emotions that swells up within is frequently difficult to overcome and tears threaten.

Not too long ago, I’ve had someone who was a great manager and an even better mentor leave. Hand to heart, it was a change that wasn’t easy to get used to. I was happy that he’s chasing his dream, yet feeling a great sense of loss. He was an awesome mentor who guided me across challenging, or sometimes even sticky, situations and listened when I needed to talk through issues. But most importantly, what I valued most was how he unselfishly shares his personal experiences, values or life lessons as we all journey towards becoming better consultants, managers and people.

I’m not the most vocal person when it comes to expressing personal emotions, and it’s a shame that I’ve never said this in-person to him.

Thank you.

Thank you for being such a great mentor and manager.

Great managers don’t grow on trees, and I’m thankful that our paths crossed.

For j.


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