Letters From Our Old Self; To Our Future Self


One of my friends shared an interesting piece of article on Facebook – Keeping a diary or even blogging can be sometimes viewed as tiresome and time-consuming, especially for children or young adults. To overcome this, a mom set up different email addresses to encourage her kids to write to themselves. This way, they can share and record their current thoughts, experiences or even feelings in an easy and convenient way for future reflection.

Indeed, I thought this was an ingenious way to promote journal-writing in a fuss-free manner that might very well appeal to folks with short attention span, or who are extremely short on time.

Just that day, while I was clearing out some of my old stuff, I found my old diaries and journals (these were written way before blogging existed and where the dial-up Internet connection with the machine-alien-sounding noise was considered a luxury). I sat down and flipped through the books, reading what I’ve written with joy or tears in so many years past. Looking back, it seemed like so many of my old worries were so silly, insignificant and uncalled for. Others were downright ridiculous – what was I thinking about then, really?

This exercise has made me realised how much I’ve changed and progressed. It also reinforced the thinking that we are, indeed, capable of surviving and even overcoming many barriers which initially seemed overwhelming or impossible back then. Even painful or unhappy memories fade and dissolve in time.

I believe they call this growing up.

This is, however, only part of the journey and there seems to be some more growing up to do as we go along. Perhaps – one day twenty years later – I’ll look back at this place and again, laugh with my old self at how beautifully foolish I was. We’ll see.


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