Spontaneous writing.

Spontaneous writing

Have been putting off writing this post for the longest time, because I was too busy trying to think about how I should format my 2011 resolutions as opposed to actually penning them down.

The same could be said for many of my other posts (that I’ve constructed in my head, but never materialized) because of the ‘logistical’ challenges such picture editing etc. Too often I’ve created a picture of how it should be like in my head, so much so that if I’m not able to replicate that here, I rather not do it at all. That is one of the many reasons for the prevalent silence in this space.

Looking back in 2010, I’ve created a measly eight posts here.


And that’s really depressing because it makes me feel like my life in 2010 has just slipped by into…emptiness. Although I know that’s not the case, because if I really took the time to reflect, I’ll recollect events which have brought much joy, laughter, fun and love. I’m just annoyed that I didn’t write them down somewhere – What if these memories start to fade away? What if I forgot the feelings associated with those times?

So this year, I shall strive to be more spontaneous in my writing.

Write when I feel like it, and no, the post doesn’t have to be picture perfect with that picture in a precise 0.2cm white and black border with a watermark that’s placed suitably 0.5cm away from the borders.

Here goes the first of 2011 resolutions.


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