How Man and Woman See Things, Differently

Guy friend shares YouTube video link (below) with me, and our conversation that transpired after…

All names have been removed to protect privacy.

MAN: My friend sent this (ref: the YouTube video) to me. Cute hor?

WOMAN / Me: : Loading!

WOMAN / Me: I like their goth-y look, esp. those with short hair.

MAN: Wah, so detailed. I just thought they looked yummy.

WOMAN / Me: -_-

WOMAN / Me: Haha. I like the way they filmed it too, esp. the wide shots – vv wide ones.

MAN: U think what? Film critique class ah???

WOMAN / Me: …….

WOMAN / Me: No lah!!! But that’s what makes the video unique.

MAN: It was just a matter of pretty or not.

WOMAN / Me: …plus the colour filter they do!! wakakakakaka


MAN: That’s as much as I got out of the video.

WOMAN / Me: The difference between man and woman, therein lies.

WOMAN / Me: im so tempted to post this conversation anonymously jsut to highlight the differences in man vs woman. wakakakakaka.

MAN: Oi, think i what


MAN: Case study ah


MAN: I do sound stereotypically shallow. Can we do another round?

WOMAN / Me: NO. hahaha, u only get one shot.


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