Girls and alcohol

Alright, the idea to create this post was sparked off by the hotly-reported, alleged ‘molest’ incident that occurred at the recent Sentosa New Year Countdown Party.

Since it has been covered extensively by both online and mainstream media, I’m not going to detail the story here again. If you’re still in the dark, just Google it. Anyhow, this post is not to discuss about whether she was right/wrong, and what the public should/should not have done. This is about alcohol, and girls.

Ideally (and most expectantly), many people would just say “Girls, just don’t drink, or don’t party, so you won’t get into these types of situations”.

Bullshit. So how many people who preached this have heeded their own advice?

Let’s get realistic and practical.

Girls, if you like nightlife/partying, and even if you don’t, I’m sure there are possible socializing events that you would have to attend, here are some drinking tips from my personal experiences and friends (I’m no expert drinker, but I used to party…quite frequently).

  • If you want to drink, build up SOME alcohol endurance. I’m not encouraging binge drinking habits, but it would be useful to be able to hold down 2-3 drinks comfortably.
  • Know your drinks. Different types of drinks have varying levels of alcoholic content in them. You wouldn’t want to order a Graveyard or Long Island Tea if you can’t hold your drinks. Order accordingly. Even different types of hard liquor has different “expertise” levels, so to speak.
  • Variety is not good. If you’re drinking beer/wines/cocktails, try to stick to one type throughout the night,. Mixing different types of drinks (e.g. beer+wine) is an extremely bad idea as the effects come back multiple folds (it will feel that way).
  • Pace yourself, be prepared. Eat a proper meal before you start having drinks (having alcohol on an empty stomach means you would feel the effects double-quick, double impact). Pace? Slow and steady does it. And sip, not gulp. Avoid bottom-ups, unless you are sure you can handle it (still not advisable).
  • Anticipating a wild night? Go with very trusted friends. Becoming slightly tipsy is still okay, dead-drunk is not. Try to stick to clubs that are more reputable. And don’t wear skimpy or flimsy clothes.
  • Know your limits. Know when you need to stop. The kick from alcohol is usually delayed (depending on types of drinks – again, we go back to know point 2 “Know your drinks”), and you need to have a good gauge of when you should stop raising that glass. At your most tipsy stage, you should still be able to survey your environment, and get yourself home safely without the need for assistance.

Girls, practise common sense please. You’re out to enjoy and have fun, not put yourself at risk.


3 thoughts on “Girls and alcohol

  1. also as a former bouncer here are a few other bits of advice for ladies who want to down a few:
    never show up to a party alone if you can avoid it, either a male or female friend (especially if they are designated driver but even if not) can help you avoid being an easy target

    Never be afraid to leave a party: if it seems dodgy or you gut instincts make something seem off just leave you’ll be missing nothing Trust me

    when in doubt assume any guy you don’t know is a scumbag; statistically speaking you’ll be correct

    if a fight breaks out it’s usually a good time to leave. Fights often lead to cops, escalation of violence, & worse

  2. Good post. I think the most important part is go with very trusted friends. You can’t go wrong with that, unless all your trusted friends also dead drunk.

  3. Good post there.
    Usually you don’t feel drunk until much later because the alcohol is stored in your stomach and slowly absorbed into your body, even after you have stopped drinking. So it’s really important to know your limit, but then again some alcohol does impair your judgement too?
    I think the best protection is to gorge yourself with tons of food before drinking. Slows down the absorption and makes puking out the alcohol really easier. haha.

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