Resolutions 2010

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It’s here. Twenty-ten.

Unlike some, I remain a believer of setting new year resolutions as they make me think through some of the short-term goals that I want to work towards in the brand new year.

So, for 2010, here are my resolutions:

  1. Do something new at least once every month – I’m a creature of habit, so much so that my colleagues/lunch kakis can even place orders for me at one of our favorite restaurants. In 2010, I think it would be good to make a conscientious effort to try something new on a regular basis – this can include trying out a new dish, a new recipe, exploring a new place or activity, meeting new friends…anything! As long as it’s new!
  2. Start learning about my personal finances – Current, I know shite about my personal finances. Zilch, nada, zero! This can’t do as all respectable adults (*ahem* me) should at least be a little aware and understand some basic personal financial knowledge right? Well, I hope it’s not too late to start learning the basics now. Tips, anyone?
  3. Read more and regularly – As a kid, I used to be an extremely avid reader. Two novels in a day? No problem. Granted that being a full-time, working adult in this crazy industry doesn’t leave me much free/personal time, especially during weekdays, I think I should make a bigger effort to find time to read more. Yes, I do miss reading.
  4. Write more – When I was crafting my previous post, I had a hard time trying to remember what transpired in the past year. Having regular blog entries used to help jog my memory, but since I’ve not written much last year, I had more difficulties pulling all the highlights together. And more importantly, writing has always provided me with much joy and encourages me to reflect about what’s happening.
  5. Start paying attention to some of those health issues, please! – For myself, and my parents.
  6. (continued from No. 5) Run a 10K marathon in 2010 – I know 10K is really no big feat for many of you, but this is the first time I’m planning to do this, so it would be milestone, albeit a small one. Am hoping to have enough discipline and determination to see this through!
  7. Career advancement – Enough said.
  8. Nurture relationships with loved ones – Family, partner and friends. I need to constantly remind myself that life’s more than work, and it’s important to make time and effort to be with people that I treasure in my life.
  9. Travel to new destinations, explore new sights
  10. Self-discovery, more – In your teens/early20s, other people defined what you want to be. In the latter half of 20s/or early 30s (for some), you start to discover who YOU are, or want to be.

10 resolutions for 2010.

Let’s aim to live a fuller life for yourself, and your loved ones.


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