Celebrating the Spirit of Champions

For many of you out there who fancy a cocktail or two sometimes, the brand name Smirnoff would be no stranger to you.

Produced by Diageo, and touted as the world’s leading vodka, Smirnoff has tied up with the renowned Manchester United Football Club and to celebrate this partnership, Smirnoff thrown the Spirit of Champions party at one of the hottest nightspots in town now – St James Powerstation, PowerHouse.

The party was well attended by bloggers and invited guests. Highlights of the night include trance spins by Guest DJ Sied van Riel and one of Smirnoff’s signature cocktail – Smirnoff Mule. Concocted using vodka, ginger beer and lime, I found the cocktail rather refreshing and, dare I say it, easy to drink. I never used to be a huge fan of vodka (I’m more of a whiskey girl, more than anything else), but this one sat fine with me.

As the party started, and when you put a bunch of fun-party-goers bloggers and good drinks together, the fun factor was definitely high. What can I say, Smirnoff knows how to throw a party for sure!

Just before I sign off, here’s a shout out to Kenny from Grayling, thanks for the invite.


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