Don’t Push Us Away

Although it seems like the recession is gradually lifting, it hasn’t taken away the impending sense of doom that I constantly experience as a young, working adult here.

Endless reports on rising prices of public housing, so much so that they’re reaching ridiculous realms, seemingly weak analysis provided to justify these trends, weird statements made that appear to contradict the idea of democracy…

And I’ve only cited a few examples here.

Increasingly, these reads are diluting my passion, pushing me (or, perhaps, part of the younger generation as well) away from a place we thought is home.

I can’t speak for everyone, but I do love this place.

A true-blue, born and bred local, I recognize and applaud all past achievements made, but just like how couples need to maintain their relationships on an on-going basis, our love can’t be solely sustained by past glories and stories.

Present actions and mapped plans ahead figure high in keeping this passion burning bright, but what I think I’ve seen so far… doesn’t look too encouraging, to say the least.

We want to stay, don’t push us away, please.


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