when silence is better than speech

Overheard today, “Singapore women only date men who are graduates, earn more than they do, and drive a car.

I’m sorry, although I do appreciate you sharing your “meaningful” insight, but something’s not right here.

Let’s see.

I’m Singaporean, and I’m a woman, but I certainly do not agree with that statement.

So, who the hell made you my spokesperson?

What’s worse – your key messages are absolutely wrong, entirely off the mark. WTH.

P/S: I’m not interested in having a debate here. Yes, I recognize that there are certainly some Singaporean women who fit that bill, but it’s the generalization that I do not agree with.


2 thoughts on “when silence is better than speech

  1. guess what, I’m not like the normal Singaporean woman since my boyfriend is not a graduate, doesn’t always earn more money than me though he drives a car…

    good post dearie

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