Ad Talk – Carlsberg

To celebrate the upcoming festivities, Carlsberg has embarked on an ad campaign featuring celebrities such as Fiona Xie, Michelle Chia etc.

After watching this particular ad, I was amused by two things:

1. Fiona Xie’s lousy command of Mandarin (FYI, it was an ad aired on channel eight)
2. Fiona Xie was the appointed HEALTH ambassador for Carlsberg.

For goodness sake, this is a BEER ad. Beer and health DO NOT go together.

If the purpose of doing this was to enhance the image of Carlsberg beer by associating it with health and/or a healthy lifestyle, this ad has done achieved exactly the opposite effect.

When you remind viewers to take care of their health during a beer ad, wouldn’t this come to mind:

“Yah, health’s important, better not drink so much.”

As Cowboy might say…



7 thoughts on “Ad Talk – Carlsberg

  1. haha, i do drink beer as well, and quite often at that, but i’m quite sure that many, including medical professionals, will tell you that beer generally isn’t healthy.


  2. Walau… link beer neber jio. how can?

    Anyway, here’s a pretty funny article about the benefits of beer ->

    To everything, moderation is key, having too much of even the healthiest of things is still bad.

    Alcohol does have its benefits, just that too many people go over their limits and ended up damaging their lives (not just their healths).

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