A scary, scary Halloween!

Tis’ the season to be scary, falalalala lalalala.

Opps. It’s Halloween, not Christmas yet!

My scary Halloween certainly started bright and early today at SGH for my pre-admission procedure.

Yep, I’m scheduled for surgery late next week.

I do not like needles, and am growing to detest them more as I become older.

Today’s hospital experience has just confirmed that fact. I could really feel that needle as it made its entry through my skin and seeked for its holy grail – my blood.


Anyway, have a frightfully fun Halloween!

I’ll be at my SVP’s house as she’s throwing a Halloween party, what about you?


4 thoughts on “A scary, scary Halloween!

  1. heyo all!

    it’s for my very very bad tonsillitis. i was actually due for the operation like 2+ years ago, but i kept putting it off due to work, and now, it can’t be delayed anymore, so i’m going in this friday. sigh! =( i don’t think i’m going to like the hospital.

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