Of blogosphere’s scandals

Not too long ago, the blogosphere has been buzzing with the likes of bitch-fights and scandals.

In Singapore, we have two relatively well-known bloggers, Xiaxue and Dawn Yang, embroiled in a virtual spat which is threatening to spill over to a real-world slander lawsuit.

Malaysia, not to be outdone, also boasts its own version of blogo-drama featuring an extremely femes blogger (Mister C), his girlfriend (Missus S) and another fellow blogger (Missus G). In a nutshell, the whole episode revolves around Mister C having an affair/or ONS with Missus G while away on a group holiday. While this was supposed to be kept as a hush-hush affair, the emotions seemed to have gotten better of Missus G who wrote about how she felt on her blog. Although fakes names were assumed, it didn’t take long before some blogger caught onto what was happening. After some dirt-digging, the whole story begin to unravel.

If you haven’t realized (a blatant similarity that is right-in-your-face), these scandals all revolved around femes bloggers. They’ve enjoyed fame, freebies, and now, it seems like it has come full circle – the price of fame is demanding to be paid. With fame, these alleged femes bloggers has got to endure loads of criticism, flaming and what-nots. Few of these have retaliated – demanding that uninvolved third parties to, basically, not be a kaypoh and mind their own business since they do not know the “full, whole story”.

Anyway, the point of this post wasn’t to spread more gossip; rather, I wanted to share some of my observations – they’ve left me largely amazed, and sometimes, amused.

On the XX v DY incident

This infamous spat originated online, but it wasn’t too long before it became fodder for the mainstream media, who once regarded blogs as inaccurate and unreliable sources of news. Irony has become an understatement here…and do I smell the the beginning of an information revolution? Are blogs increasingly becoming an accepted, recognized and credible form of media here in Singapore? New media, it’s your turn to shine!

On the “sex scandal”

I first read about this “online sex scandal” on Mister S.F’s blog. Writing about this scandal, in itself, was nothing new. It was how extensively he covered this news that left me in awe.

Executive summaries, chronological timelines with corresponding blog entries by the respective parties involved, screenshots of inflammatory posts that were previously posted but removed… the information was so comprehensive and well-arranged that even a super blur person like me was able to grasp a good idea of what transpired in less than an hour. To sum it up, i was impressed. This Mister S.F. would probably make an outstanding investigative journalist if he so chooses this career prospect.

Another thought that struck me was how blatant some of these “featured” blog entries were. Illicit details, accompanied by ruthless name-calling and soul-baring posts with pictures, painted such a comprehensive picture of the scandal for anyone who bothered to look. To top it off, most of these blatant posts were authored by the two women involved in the scandal whereas the only man involved (a.k.a. Mister C – the most well known blogger out of the 3) remained largely silent allowing the two girls to scratch their eyes out. Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned, indeed.

I’m not here to judge these people, nor do I want to fuel these scandals any further than how they’ve developed so far. (Hence, there are no real names nor bloggers’ aliases mentioned here, and absolutely no links would be provided as well.)

These scandals have, however, struck a chord in me – about fame especially.

As my train of thought raged on, this came to mind:

“For fame is like a tidal wave;

Which you could ride on for all you’re worth.

But you’ll never know when it will engulf you in its fluid embrace

And bury you within the watery graves.”

– JT, 2008

No, it isn’t some celebrity or famous person’s quote. It was just something that surfaced in my mind when I was thinking about the above issues.

Right now, I’ll just keep my fingers crossed for the next scandal to rock the blogosphere yet again.


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