Human Rights versus Reality Check

human rights comic

I came across an interesting article posted on The Online Citizen today.

The main thrust of this article revolved around the pressing need and reasons why Singapore needs to actively enforce human rights. Based on the current situation and some of the comments left by other readers, it seems as though a large majority of us are just an apathetic and/or materialistic bunch that couldn’t really be bothered about this issue.

Perhaps this might be true, or perhaps some of us have given up caring because it has simply proven to be a futile effort. I applaud those before who have fought on this…but, realistically speaking, there seems to be little to show for it.

Whatever it is, as I was reading the article, one question that popped up in my mind is:

In the face of rising commodity prices (i.e. raw materials like food and fuel), some families are already finding it a struggle to meet their basic needs…and how many would actually place more significance on this human rights issue as compared to another that could potentially threaten our livelihood?

Somehow, I sense that this is going to be helluva fight – going uphill all the way.


One thought on “Human Rights versus Reality Check

  1. extract from ‘misunderstandings and misconceptions’ within the ‘online citizen’ link above:
    … … “Our understanding of human rights must evolve with time as a society’s consciousness of various issues is raised. Evolution necessitates a constant engagement with civic forces, very often with those who are most knowledgeable and passionate about a particular issue. In other words, social progress is an outcome of engagement among the jurists, government, civic groups and individuals. It cannot be productive for the government to reserve everything to itself and dismiss all other interests.”

    we really need a global shift, diversity within human rights commissions will keep the notion of human~ecosystems at heart, and responsive through synergy of notions.

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