The 7 meme (tagged by CowGoesMoo)

i’m doing this meme (as tagged by CowGoesMoo, to let him know that i haven’t gone missing in action – just that i might take some time to respond).

7 random facts about me:

1. i’m a piscean
2. i’m in love with mac gizmos
3. i’ve a little lian-ish element in me – remnants of a long-ago past
4. i’m not very gu-niang despite how i look – never judge a book by its cover, people!
5. i live and work in a organized mess – keyword’s “organized”
6. i don’t like sapphire bombay
7. on weekdays, i often get cranky without my morning coffee

7 things that scare me:

1. supernatural
2. failure – in any aspects
3. not living up to expectations, especially my own
4. being stuck in a senseless political rat-race where people have no integrity nor morals
5. some creepy crawlies
6. losing passion/motivation or becoming disillusional
7. hitting 3-0

7 random music at the moment:

1. david cook – always be my baby
2. chris brown – with you
3. flo feat. t-pain – low
4. unXpected – all i wanna do is make love to you
5. atlantic starr – masterpiece
6. toni braxton – how could an angel break my heart
7. zhang hui mei – ru guo ni ye ting shuo

7 things i say the most (author’s note: this category is lame):

i don’t need 7 – i just need a signature line.

1. f$#k off and die.

7 things i treasure the most (not in order of preference):

1. peace
2. family
3. her
4. friends
5. being happy
6. being economically self sufficient
7. health

7 “first time” things i ever did:

author’s note: another stupid category, there’s a first time for everything you’ve ever done right?

7 people to do this:

author’s note: no more victims please – this meme is too darn lame!


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