Greetings from Helsinki, Finland!

After a massive shopping trip at Bangkok, I’ve made my way back to our sunny city with almost excessive baggage and absolutely penniless (in terms of Baht currency, of course).

Once back at work, tons of emails and preparing for my work trip to Helsinki, Finland have kept me so busy that I haven’t managed to blog about my Bangkok trip in richer details.

It has been only less than a week, and I had to go off to Helsinki again. Although it’s supposed to be the beginning of summertime here, it’s still at an extremely chilly 5 deg cels. i’m freezing my toes off as we speak.

i’ve been here for almost 2 days now but haven’t managed to do any sightseeing…my days are occupied with seminars (afterall, this is a work trip) but i’m hoping to get some free time during my trip to look around and get the feel of this city.

it’s almost 2AM in this part of the world now and i really should hit the bed before i start dozing off in my seminars tomorrow, or technically, today.

more later!

sweet dreams to me, and good morning to you.

p/s: and i’m missing you dearly. really wish that you were here too.


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