the alleged public relations day

note: this is a back-dated post.

pr professionals

a fun take on what’s pr about

themediaslut has declared 9 april to be the day to highlight and celebrate the work that pr professionals do.

there’s no particular cause or reason behind this movement. it’s just a fun thing to do.

let’s see how long or how many people will it take to get this off the ground – if ever.

i’m plugging this purely because i’m in the said field as well and since more than 95% of my friends do not know what being in public relations entails, it will be a good opportunity to educate the general public on what the pr profession is really about.

i said, if this ever takes off, okay?

meanwhile, happy public relations day to all!


7 thoughts on “the alleged public relations day

  1. can.. i found it off the internet – it was hosted on so many pages!

    i wanted to attribute it properly, but there doesn’t seem to be someone to attribute it to… so.


  2. eh i do come hor.. just tt i dun leave my mark.. ok i shall hack into ur acct nx time n leave a more obvious marking.. hehe

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