my love affair with roses

note: this is a backdated post

roses have always been highly sought-after as it is the ultimate symbol of love, especially in the victorian times where the flower has inspired many famous poets and playwrights such as william shakespeare in their literary works.

an ardent fan of literature works based on the victorian times, it would come as no surprise that roses will be my favorite flowers too. to be specific, red roses.

the fiery red color signifies burning passion that threatens to scald the bearer, in contrast to its tender petals that feel like silk to the touch. this blatant contrast seems to hold a special attraction for me.

anyhow, the point of this post –

thank you for this.

roses from you

as much as i loved the flowers, it was more the thought and effort that you’ve went through to find out that these were my favorites that touched me more.


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