send nadnut to ozzie

one of the dearest people that i’ve gotten to know through blogging is nadnut, a spunky and absolutely adorable girl and she’s been shortlisted amongst the top 7 in the unexpected australia adventure contest.

out of these 7 contestants, the top 3 winners will get to win a 9 days trip to whichever destinations that they’ve chosen and for nad, that’ll be sydney. these top 3 winners will be determined by an online voting poll from 3 – 10 march, which means that the results are determined by you! yes, stop looking around, you!

so hurry up and vote for her.

oh, are you asking why?

i’ll let her entry speak for itself.

convinced now?

here’s how you can go about voting:

  1. register here,
  2. then, head to nad’s userpage here to click and vote for her!

need an extra push?

then listen to this: voters for this contest will also stand a chance to win a macbook air, a sony ericsson k8501, a nikon b60, a nintendo wii and 2 sandisk ducati thumbdrive (4gb)!

so, stop waiting and start clicking to send nad to ozzie!

p/s: nad, we’ll all expect presents if you win this! heh.


One thought on “send nadnut to ozzie

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