the one on yummy korean with friends


this means “hello. how are you?” in korean.

i can literally see the text bubble on top of your heads: has missy got infected with the current korean or k-drama craze?

oh no. don’t worry.

this is about a super belated entry describing a nice evening whereby three friends went out in search of good food and entertainment.

after a long tiring search with growling stomachs covering half of the entire chinatown, we finally settled at this little korean restaurant tucked away in a quiet little corner – relatively ulu-ated part of chinatown. despite the less-than-ideal location, it was bustling and packed with customers who were slurping away at their dishes. in addition, you can hear the servers yelling orders/instructions/(or whatever they were saying) in korean throughout the restaurant.

after some observation, this joint appears to be operated by a native korean family which means that it’ll serve authentic korean fare! yay-ness!

after we’ve managed to grab a table, we eagerly flipped open the menus, only to find that it was all in korean. the only saving grace was that there were translations of the names of the dishes in simple (and i mean, really simple) english.

after trying to converse with our server with much difficulty (they don’t seemed to speak much english there), we’ve finally placed our orders.

and started waiting…..for the food to be served.

just like how the traditional korean family does it (i think), appetizers were first served to whet our appetite – not that we needed it, of course..


look, don’t they all look sooo enticing, especially the spicy cucumbers and kimchi?!

after appetizers, they proceeded to serve our main dishes. although there were only the three of us, we decided to order whatever that caught our fancy in the menu and ended up with the typical korean stone bowl rice and a modified steam-boat-y type of dish with a kimchi soup base.

stone bowl rice

the stone bowl rice might not look like it’s anything special, but we should never, ever judge a dish by its appearance.

and next up, we have…

kimchi steamboat

this was sooooooooooooooooooooooo good. it was filled to the brim with various seafood, vegetables and even noodles – all soaked in good, old kimchi soup.

heavenly, i would say. i loved it.

after our orgasmic dinner, we decided to head towards vivocity – starbucks to catch up on what’s happening in our and our common friends’ lives. this was especially useful for me since i’ve missed the last major gathering…

but since we were all trigger-happy people, we naturally did not forget to indulge in a little cam-whoring.

first up, we have the…


and also featuring…


p/s: see, i’m not in black. i’ve changed. heh.

looking at all these pictures is making me want to go back to that restaurant again.

to the mates who’re seen here: can we go back again soon?



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