retro back!

last saturday, i caught one of the movies on my must-watch list – hairspray.


retro and musicals – two of my loves together

i stepped into the cinema without knowing what to expect since it was a relatively new film and i haven’t read or seen the movie trailer yet.

i didn’t even know that it’ll be a musical-movie but the retro theme, by itself, was already more than sufficient to capture my attention.

*disclaimer: contains spoilers ahead. read at your own risk.


the storyline was simple, cliche and light-hearted (for most parts). yet, the deceptively simple plot highlighted many issues that we’re still facing today.

acceptance of differences, racial segmentation and segregation, courage, love. these elements formed the core of the story.

the music, the songs and dances inside were full of hope, optimistism – so cheery that it will even lighten up your mood. compare this to our modern pop – full of angst, sadness and broken hearts. where did it go wrong?

somehow, musicals move me in a way that i can never quite understand. it just stirs something within me – a strong, mysterious and alluring force that makes me want to lose myself in it.

and now, this reminds me of yet another musical….


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