question: what is one thing that you’ve always wanted?

this was a question posed to me by the rational neurotic.

there was no hesitation, no delays – i knew the answer to that question immediately.

i’ve expressed that particular desire occassionally, only to be met with responses like….

“no lah, you’re not cut out for it…just wait for other people to do it for you.”

“really, oh no! we’re all in trouble!”

“aiya, you say only. i’ll wait for that day…”

such encouraging friends i have huh.

still have no clue as to what is it?

i’ve always wanted to learn driving since i was 14 but have never, ever taken driving lessons before. in the past, the cost of driving lessons deterred me. now, the lack of time is deterring me.

maybe i don’t want it badly enough yet.

some of my friends are really quite against the idea due to my bad sense of direction…they think that the time i’ll spend getting lost will be far more compared to the time that i would have saved by driving instead of taking public transport.

maybe they’re right.

but that won’t stop me!

one day…i’ll get my driving license. one day.


4 thoughts on “question: what is one thing that you’ve always wanted?

  1. shld i up my coverage?? haha

    ok dun worry.. when the one day come, uncle will first one dun mind sit in your car ok. so come pick me up haha.. i support u !! hur hur hur

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