from bimbo to tech junkie

it came as no surprise to me when people tell me that their initial impressions of me, especially after meeting me for the first 2 minutes, were somewhat of a bimbo.

even after so long, i can’t decide if this should be a compliment or an insult.

but i wouldn’t blame them. looking at it from someone else’s point of view, if i were to meet me for the first time, i might have just arrived at the same inital conclusion.

possible thought-process during an initial meeting:

face warpaint a.k.a make-up – check.

perfume – check.

looks like she might be a little vain (little is subjective, okay) – check.

clueless with serious IT stuff (like fixing own PC) – check.

conclusion – bimbotic woman. check.

plus, the fact that i’m in public relations doesn’t really help the case because it seems like most people generally misunderstand the nature of this industry. public relations, as far as these people are concerned, is an industry full of glitz and glamour, exciting events and happening parties.

yes, i wouldn’t deny that people in the public relations industry do have some opportunities to be part of such merry-making events, but the enormous amount of hard work, effort and sweat that pr professionals put in towards their work often slip by – unnoticed.

with such misconceptions, it is small wonder that some will label me as bimbotic during the inital meeting.

however, things have taken a slight change recently. although i am still in the same industry, the nature of my clients’ industries have altered substantially.

from dealing with lifestyle and consumer to enterprise technology clients, i have to say that the transition isn’t easy at all. i had to grapple with new concepts, applications and jargons which were totally foreign to me. i had imagined that the learning process will be long and painful.

but surprise, surprise…i think i might actually have formed an interest for this aspect somewhere along the learning path. i actually found some of these stuff amazing, and get this, interesting!

even i, myself, am pretty shocked at this realisation.

what happened?

from a complete technology idiot to this. who would have thought?

oh gawd, i’m a tech-geek wannabe.

but the make-up, perfume and slight vain-ness still stay. heh.


4 thoughts on “from bimbo to tech junkie

  1. well, i guess facial features are god-given, not by choice.

    but since i’m comfortable with the way i look, so there’s no issue there.

    if you’re not, you’re welcome to not read this blog – it’s your call.

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