Do you know what you really want?

i’ve been giving this issue some thought for quite some time and to my utter horror, i realised that i really don’t know what i want…More specifically, i should say, i don’t know what i really want to do – something that i’m passionate in, something that i can do my whole life.

don’t get me wrong, i’m not talking about general desires such as to be successful, to be rich (for some), to be healthy etc. all these are good and fine, and a little redundant, not to say. you mean there are people who want to be a failure, poor and sick?

what i’m talking about is a specific occupation or hobby. the key word here is specific. for example, if you’ve followed the comedy series – friends, ross has always loved science, especially dinosaurs. he subsequently became a dinosaur scientist. (ermm, i can’t spell the professional word for it…heh.)

thoroughly perplexed and bent on exploring this issue further, i raised this question amongst some of my closest friends. the answers i got were surprising pretty consistent…

“don’t know…never thought that far…”

“this is a good question man!” (followed by silence…duh.)

“let me give it some thought…”

and the very classic…


discouraging answers, i must say. nonetheless, i shall not relent and continue my search…


now, on a totally unrelated note.

among my hall friends, most of us are given endearing nicknames…and on some of our trips, we came across shops that are “named” after us!

here’s one from our taiwan trip long long time ago:

TEE shop

this one is added to the collection from his most-recent trip:

jun shop

they’ve all got their “own shops”! where’s mine?!?!!??!!?

note: i know this is a totally bo-liao post, but talking about hall days and friends cheer me up most of the time and i’m definitely in need of some pick-me-ups.


6 thoughts on “Do you know what you really want?

  1. Oh man!! BOBO! hahhahahha i haven seen that photo since forever… dun worry, u dun have a shop, but u have a DRAMA serial ok. u still win!

  2. chean> hahahaha, drama serial! wait bjm and jun will sing the show’s theme song again..”bababalaba….” hehe.

    bjm> eeeeeeyeeeeerrrr… where got icecream?? bnj?!?!?! that one whr got counted??!!?

    blurgal> haha…if i got a shop, i want to open a shoe shop that’s all filled with pretty pretty high heels. wahahaha!

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