happy birthday chean!

today is that day was a very special day!

it’s chean’s birthday!

the group of us finally managed to pick a day whereby everyone is free to meet up for chean’s birthday and dinner was set to be at a particular japanese restaurant in suntec city.

having arrived earlier at the restaurant, i decided to show chean my new work toy…which reminded me that i had unfinished work waiting to be done.

chean and me 1

look at chean’s face with glee as i stared ever-so-woefully at the ibook. evurl, tsk!

not too long after, dazzie and jun arrived. since all four of us were suffering from the growling stomachs, we decided to go ahead and refuel ourselves without cozi.

judging by the menu, the restaurant’s speciality is their katsu items. hence…



oh yes, it’s japanese cuisine again. it’ll always be japanese cuisine when the girls decide upon the dining place, okay?!

as our food was arriving, our dearest cozi decided to make his appearance at last by walking up and down along the entrance of the restaurant. finally, we’re all gathered!

after we wasted away hours eating, catching up and gossiping about what’s-happening-to-other-common-people-we-know, we adjorned to starbucks where the guys (yes, the guys!) decided to surprise chean with a makeshift birthday cake.


warm chocolate cake with lovely chocolate sauce…how sweet, right?

the night ended much later with chatter, laughter and cam-whoring with cammie. it wasn’t a spectacular celebration…but it was one that’s filled with warmth.


if i hadn’t said it enough, happy birthday, chean! may all your wishes come true…

and also, may we have many such nights in the days ahead.


One thought on “happy birthday chean!

  1. Yeah bobo! Thank you for ur birthday blog! Happy leh. I have my own personal birthday blog, completed with photos!

    It was fun right! Looking forward to the next one… Must have another one soon okie! haa, if not have to wait till Dazziemon’s birthday in Oct. SO FAR AWAY CAN….

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