A long overdue adios

i know i haven’t been updating for some time now…as i’ve been trying to cope with some changes in my life.

within the last two months, i’ve made a pretty major decision regarding an aspect of my life. subsequently, with that decision, i had to cope with a different set of challenges, a new environment and unfamiliar faces. i’ve never been one that’s good at coping with changes, hence, this snapped up a major portion of my energy…

it wasn’t easy to make that decision… and it definitely hasn’t been a bed of roses trying to ease myself within a new habitat but nobody ever said that change was easy.

although the road is still fraught with challenges, i do not regret my decision. life’s too short for that, ain’t it?

the initial start to coping with any changes is often extremely difficult and so it has been – for me as well. on one of those days, i received a short message from a friend.

the message read:

smooth roads never make good drivers

smooth seas never make good sailors

clear skies never make good pilots

a problem free life never makes a strong person

so be strong enough to accept the challenges in life.

don’t ask life, “why me?”

instead say, “try me.”

maybe it was the circumstances surrounding me…i found that message particularly encouraging and i hope that, by sharing it with you, you might find some meaning in it as well.

on a lighter note, i’ve finally bought my own camera (cammie, it shall be henceforth be called)!! it’s a pretty hot pink z5…and i absolutely, absolutely love it, especially the colour! (ya ya, call me bimbotic.)

now you can expect…alot more cam whoring!

once i’ve downloaded all my pictures from my cammie to my computer, that is. and i promise, it won’t be long! heh.


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