Looking for – The Consumer’s Voice

Recently, one of my favourite meta-blog, Tomorrow.Sg, has been served a lawyer’s letter by a timeshare company. I’ve been reading about the case and here’s what I’ve gathered so far:-

  • Tomorrow.Sg publishes someone’s entry on his/her negative experience with the timeshare company.
  • The alleged timeshare company served a lawyer’s letter to the editor of Tomorrow.Sg on defamation grounds (based on the blog entry).

So now, what? We, as consumers, can’t have an opinion about the products or services that we’ve bought/about or considering to buy? Oh, you mean, we can’t EXPRESS such opinions to others since it might be taken as defamatory comments?!

I have no background in law, so I’ve absolutely no idea as what does count as defamatory or otherwise… but this just doesn’t adhere to common sense, does it?

Anyway, I can’t say for sure how this case’s going to turn out to be but one thing I know for sure – that timeshare company is doing some REALLY bad PR. This, coupled with the high level of awareness and publicity that this incident is generating, might prove to have devastating effects on their revenues/returns or whatever.

It’s such a lose-lose situation. Even if they win this case, they are going to lose so much more – reputation, goodwill etc. Now, more people will be aware of such timeshare “plans”, and will be able to make “better-informed” decisions. Score.

It will be interesting to watch how this event will unfold itself. I’m beside myself with anticipation.

Consumers’ right / Freedom of speech vs Corporate “tactics” – who’ll triumph?

Stay tuned.


One thought on “Looking for – The Consumer’s Voice

  1. Defamatory probably means a certain mistruth put forward by the defendant that is damaging to the plaintiff in terms of their reputation or their character, that could affect their future economic income or some shit lidat… =D

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