Final showdown – AC Milan vs Liverpool

As the whistle sounds, the final showdown between AC Milan and Liverpool has begun.

This year, AC Milan is back to revenge for the humiliation that they’ve suffered in 2005 after losing the Cup to the Reds through penalties. They’ve vowed that they will lift the trophy this time around.

Although the potential outcome does look pretty bleak for Liverpool, I’m still rooting for them to draw or win. If the victors are to be determined through penalties, like the last finals, Liverpool might just stand a good chance.

I’m no Liverpool fan (yes, I’m a Gunners fan!)…but I would like to see an English club win the Cup.

Now everyone, pray with me.

Let’s hope Gerrard and that new name-starting-with-M guy perform  really well to stop AC Milan on their warpath.

Go Reds!

*Updated on 24 May, 11.30am:-

My mobile experienced a fury of buzzing this morning at 4.54am when the match concluded. Sad to say, the match results was extremely disappointing as AC Milan walked over Liverpool, 2-1.

*Sigh* I was hoping so much for a second miracle… but alas, it was not meant to be. A particular source, a Reds fan, also indicated that Liverpool gave a disappointing performance last night, or should I say, this early morning.

Oh well. Congrats to the AC fans then.


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