Phantom of the Opera

phantom of the opera

The scene was set in January when we decided that we will watch the Phantom of the Opera together in April.

I’ve always been mesmerised by the story of the Phantom of the Opera.

Dark, mysterious, painful and romantic, the storyline has captivated my heart long ago even before I’ve watched it in motion in any form, be it a movie or musical.

When the movie came to town in the past, I’ve watched it immediately. Despite being a commercial film, the show deeply moved me. It was not so much about the actors, the quality of the movie or even the singing, it was the storyline.

Watching the musical itself, with flesh and blood actors…just made it even more enthralling.

The Phantom – The dark mysterious character that had to live his whole life behind the shield of a mask.

Despite having endured torturing loneliness for most of his life and facing rejection from the world, he had the capacity to love Christina so deeply. That, in itself, is a remarkable trait. With his overpowering chrisma and charm, he tugged at my heart strings so. As I saw him battle the pain of rejection and a lost love, it was almost as if I could feel it myself – the wrenching pain in the heart that made it difficult to breathe, the suffocating sensation whereby life seemed to have collapsed upon you.

Don’t you remember the feeling?

Most will probably call me stupid. It’s just a musical afterall. A fragment of imagination of an artistic mind.

But I can’t help but to be deeply affected. It felt like reality and fantasy had fused into one…I was transported so far beyond into the story.

The grandeur, the pain, the passion and the love. I was simply swept away.

Words cannot describe how I felt…Even now as I think back, I could still feel the story so vividly that I can feel the tremours within me.

Only one word can describe the experience – magical.

And it wasn’t just the musical itself that made it so.

The whole night seemed like a fantasy… and it was one magical fantasy that I hope didn’t have to end.

But all good things come to an end and when you’re so high up, there’s no where to go but down.

Now, let the pain begin.


9 thoughts on “Phantom of the Opera

  1. cow> what’s oro?

    blurgal> yeah, i agree. i’ll most definitely regret it if i didn’t go…

    reignoffire> i watched it… with a special friend. what about you? =p

  2. dun act cute… rainoffire was asking with WHO as in we want a name if not a more specific identity… special fren is not enuff. hahaa..
    so answer me.. who did u go with?

  3. waahahhahahaha… bobo is sooooooooooo cuteeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!
    she say she no nid to act…………..kekekekekkekee
    soooo nice!!! i oso wan to watch phantom and listen to nice nice song… =(

  4. u shld go lah…i told you that day liao mah!!!
    quick go! before it ends!!!

    and now everyone knows ‘bobo’ liao lah. you all hor. tsk.

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