Risk-y virgin

growing up with my two male cousins, i’ve always been surrounded by male-oriented games such as fifa, championship manager, civilisation, age of empire and risk. recalling from my now slightly-fuzzy memory, i think i’ve always seen the board-game, risk, lying around somewhere.

since computer games were considered more ‘hip’ than their cousin, the board-game, i’ve picked up all these male-oriented games except risk. please remember that this was, maybe, 12-13 years ago, so computer games were still considered the most ‘in’ things around then, okay?!

hence, i have always been a virgin at ‘risk’.

last month, during my birthday month, i’ve had the opportunity to learn how to play this game at pitstop cafe with two of my favourite bloggers, no less.

the game was relatively easy to understand in theory, but, like every other game, there will be some aspects that you’ll only fully understand once you start playing. so play, we did.

the version of risk that we played looked like a star-wars edition. there were land, space and water stations that we could conquer and occupy with little plastic “soldiers” that looked like robots.

risk boardgame

i can’t recall what were the colour of my robots. and no, not black, if that’s what you’re thinking.

perhaps it was beginners’ luck, or perhaps riding upon my ally’s luck or skills, our all-girls team beat all the guys in the game. to add insult to injury, both of us were only beginners to the game!

girls team

yeah, we kick the men’s asses. muahaha.

oh yeah, before i forget, both me and nadnut were playing against another of my favourite blogger and one of the pitstop guys.

me kenny nad at pitstop

and there goes my first time…..of playing risk.

in other news, i’ve another little nephew recently! look at how adorable shijie is…


shooooooooooooooooo cute. and look, he’s even trying to pout at the camera! a hotshot male model in the making?

and yes, i’ve finally gotten around to posting with pictures. just wait till i get my camera…

i’ll get around to doing all the memes too. i think i’m still in debts of a red-bull and 6-weird-things-about-me memes. soon soon!

missy, out.


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