Birthday Galore

It has been a wind-whirl of activities for me, especially last weekend. Although I’ve been on leave from Wednesday to Friday last week, it seemed as though work has never really left my mind. I even went back to office on Friday to check, clear and reply my work email.

I’ve been working for at least 13 hours everyday this week. I think I’m becoming a nerd! Yay! Let’s see how long I can hold out for, while maintaining this crazy shitload of work.

Anyway, I’ve spent last Friday and Saturday wasting away my lungs and liver again. Sleeping at 6am in the morning for two nights consectively really isn’t alot of fun when you’re aging. Oh yar, and we celebrated JL’s birthday on Saturday night too!

Birthdays are evil business. On almost everyone’s birthday, I’ve seen them plied with so much alcohol…(think martell/ chivas/ beer/ mixed/ submarines etc) that they’ve to be carried home most of the time. Seems it’s almost like a tradition.

I just realised that alot of my friends’ birthdays occur during February and March and this, most certainly, spells trouble for my wallet. But then again, these are really special occasions that come around the corner once a year.

Besides work and play, I’ve been rather caught up in buying furniture for my bedroom as well. I was rather excited about it initally, but the excitement gradually wore off with my pre-occupation with my work. I suppose I’ll have to find it real sooon again…so that I can get myself to pack the room and welcome my new furniture which will be delivered this coming Saturday!

With so much on my mind, I guess I must make some notes and to-do lists to remind myself of what I’ve intended to do.

Blog to-dos:

  1. Review film on The Protege (as a reminder on the show – to myself)
  2. Introduce pictures/ visuals on the blog?
  3. Resolutions for 2007

Note to self: Must remember to do…


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