welcome, 2007!

another year has passed us by. no wonder we always lament that time flies.

just like christmas eve, i’ve spent my new year eve with friends amidst our usual watering hole. the only thing different was that it was much, much messier since there were foam and string sprays aplenty.

sometime during the night, stomach flu struck me out of the blue. initially, i had thought it was my old problem of gastrics coming back to haunt me but it turned out otherwise. i don’t know which is worse – really bad gastrics or stomach flu? what luck, for it to happen on new year eve.

with the start of the new year, i think it’s only appropriate that we reflect on what has happened in the past year and think of the dreams or goals that we hope to achieve in this brand new year.

so, excuse while i go do some self-reflection and conjure up my 2007 new year resolutions.

meanwhile, have a happy new year and enjoy what’s left of the holidays.



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