Christmas Surprise #1

xmas surprise

i don’t know what to say.

today, a courier man came to my office, bearing a parcel with my name on it.

after i signed for the package, i examined the parcel…scrutinising, in particular, the sender’s name.

the name wasn’t familiar…

i opened the parcel cautiously… and to my surprise, it was a novel and a perfume. clipped on the front cover of the novel was a scribbled note.

as i read the note, it suddenly dawned on me who the sender was.

i have gotten to know him in february this year, through a friend. shortly after the initial meeting, we’ve only met up for one more time.

and if i didn’t recall wrongly, i did not give him my business card…which does not explain how he got my office address.


and most importantly,


i must say i’m a little shocked.


9 thoughts on “Christmas Surprise #1

  1. uncle> haha. this is really something i didn’t know i’ll receive…

    km> ya riteeeeeeeeeeeeeee. -_-”

    gracey> surprise or shock…still remains to be seen. muahahaha.

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