Smiling faces

After a long while, I decided to log into my ancient yahoo email account to find 963 new emails waiting to be opened.

And a good one-fifth of them were sent from Friendster.

On impulse, I decided to log onto my Friendster account and scanned through my entire list of acquaintances and friends. Looking at all their pictures, I realise that I haven’t even met or talked to some of these people for years.

Despite our non-contact, I decided to clink upon a few names – people that I recall vaguely from my past. Reading through their profiles, blogs and sneaking peeks into their photo galleries, I remembered the times that I’ve spent together with these guys and girls in my youth.

Looking at their smiling faces in their photographs brought a smile to my lips. Group photographs, couple pictures and candid shots…with different faces in the midst of varying activities but all had one factor in common.

They all radiated happiness.

And I’m glad for them.

I realised that we might not need to be in touch, but knowing that an acquaintance or friend is healthy, fine and doing well… sometimes, that’s enough.

Friendster has done its job, for me at least.

Take care my friends.


One thought on “Smiling faces

  1. i ahppen to log in friendster few days ago also. realise a lot of my ex-sch mate are all attach…or even married with kids. this makes me small….i also wanna get married!!!!! 😦

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