happy birthday, dazzie!

today’s another special day!

today’s dazziemon’s birthday!

happy birthday, dazziemon!

i’m so glad to have known you in my university days. starting from our days in 27 right til our last days in 24/25, we’ve created so many memories.

somehow, thinking back now, the first image that came to my mind is what happens during examination time. everytime when this awful period is around the corner, everyone starts to mug intensively and the stress level shoots straight up so much so that you can practically feel the temperature rising in the rooms.

whenever the material gets overwhelming and a mental break is in order, me and chean will sneak into dazziemon’s room and start to disturb him.

most of the times, he gets ‘beaten’ by us soundly.

– awfully good stress-busting activity. heh. –

and he always has cute biscuits in his blue cookie jar, which will be ‘stunned’ by the regular visitors to his room… i especially love those tiny cookies with colourful hard icing on top? those that you could get in the traditional grocery shop displayed in huge tins?

and when my computer was down, he would allow me to play dota on his computer when he’s not around. yay!

and he’ll listen to me whine and complain, telling him incoherent things… but somehow, he manages to pierce together the underlying stories most of the time.

oh no, i’m beginning to sound like an old lady… now i know why the old folks always like to go ‘想当年 …’

so… for one last time, before the clock strikes twelve, i sincerely hoped that you’ve had a smashing birthday, dazmond! and that all your wishes, hopes and dreams will come true…




5 thoughts on “happy birthday, dazzie!

  1. Thank you bobo.. haha…
    anyway it is piece tog not pieRce together. =P anyway i din had a smashing bday. haven’t even celebrate it yet. hehe.. I WANT MY BDAY PRESENT!

  2. Never dropped into your blog before…and thanks for coming to MINE!

    Hope you will link me up soon. Actually I understand how you feel about letting people read your blog.

    Its pretty risky. That is why my Pa doesn’t write about himself but about ME. Dloggers simply are above the rules. You satisfy your urge to write…address sensitive issues in an off handed manner and people read and comment on your blog more freely.

    Be a Dlogger now.

  3. dazzie> ya lah.. we have decided what to get for you le..hehe u will hear from chean soon!

    blur02> busy is busy… but thats not the reason for me not blogging.

    bear> ya. smart man your pa is then. and you’re seriously so cute!! not growing up with a pet, im naturally afraid of handling animals..but at the same time, i so want to learn to love them too… contradicting, huh?

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