happy birthday, ben!

this might come a little late, but nonetheless…

happy birthday, benjamin!

you’ve been a very special person…someone that had seen most of my ups and downs in these recent years. like a big brother, you’ve provided the shoulder to lean on, a listening ear and invaluable advice when i’m lost, confused or feeling down. you’ve lectured me when i couldn’t see reason or when i was plainly being stubborn, not wanting to admit my mistakes or misconceptions.

you’ve seen me at my worst, with choking sobs and a tear-stained face but yet, you still stood beside me, offering that comforting hand and mayhap, a guiding lamp when i was lost in the darkness and ugliness of my own mind.

you will always be one of those people who came into my life, and left a footprint so deep that it can never be washed away. nor do i wish for it do be washed away.

i hope you’ve enjoyed your special day.

thank you for all you’ve done for me…and for being you.

i hope we will still have many birthdays together!

love always,



3 thoughts on “happy birthday, ben!

  1. i feel so honoured.. a post dedicated to me…

    i wonder if i made a difference in other ppl’s life or not? hope i was able to.

    anyway it is definitely my honour to be able to stand by u when u needed someone. u can be sure i will be the same still.

    take care bobo

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