loss of privacy

i finally understand why i haven’t been blogging much recently.

and even when i do, i do it in such vague terms. so much so that even sometimes, when i read back on my own posts after sometime, i can’t recall what the hell i was blogging about.

i value my privacy too much.

is privacy overpriced? did i place too much emphasis upon this notion?

in this age where you can get almost anything online – banking services, ordering food, entertainment and work, everyone says that the price that we pay for these conveniences is the loss of privacy.

our names, our profiles, our personal particulars are all available on the internet, as long as the person who desires these information is skillful enough to find and extract them.

now with the blogging faze, even our thoughts, our feelings are also available online.

frankly speaking, this scares the hell out of me.

but yet, i still enjoy the process of penning down my thoughts, be it online or in hardcopy. but since im much more efficient typing than writing, choosing the online method makes more sense. does it not?


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