i’ve seen it.

i’ve been away.

away from this place where i pen down my thoughts.

in this short duration of two months, i’ve seen many events unfolding right before my eyes.

i’ve seen friendships being put to test.

i’ve seen how friendships have been torn apart by hurtful words and anger.

i’ve seen how far people will go and feel for their friends.

i’ve seen relationships being put on trial.

i’ve seen how relationships can be torn apart as consequences of other people’s actions and stubborness.

i’ve seen how insistent one’s love can be, so much so that it overcame a barrier that most thought was insurmountable.

i’ve seen love triumphant.

i’ve seen how wrong one can be when judging a book by its cover.

i’ve seen very different aspects of certain people, certain characters.

i’m humbled by all that i’ve seen.

i’ve learnt from what i’ve seen and experienced.

i hope i’ve grown to be wiser.

now, what have you been doing?


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