clash of the titans

tonight was the much anticipated world cup match between germany and argentina.

i was rooting for germany to win although technically, it was pretty obvious that argentina had the upper hand. why would i do that?

from what i’ve read, germany has never placed much faith in soccer as a national sport after constantly being eliminated pre-maturely in previous world cup matches. even in wc2006, much of the entire nation did not have much faith in their national team, not even when they reached the last-16 stage.

to their surprise, the german team beat the other 3 contenders in group a and moved on to become the remaining 8 teams. their fervour did not end here.

they beat sweden soundly and went on to the next stage. at this point, most germans sat up straight and finally began to take significant notice of their national soccer team. however, noticing doesn’t translate into support directly.

much of it hinged on the next game, where the german team came face to face with one of the much-raved about titan in wc – argentina. this is the crunch… this is the crux whereby it will determine whether soccer will gain esteem in the german sports world.

before the whistle was blown to start the match, this game was analysed to death. many soccer experts gave their two cents worth of whom they think will emerge triumphant and mixed reviews were aplenty.

my head told me to go with argentina, after all, they were supposedly to be more superior technically. however, my heart told me to go for germany. and that, is what i did.

the whistle was blown and the game has started. argentina stole the lead by slamming the ball at the back of the net early in the game, adding to the anxiety that the german supporters felt. not giving up, the germans held on and fought…tooth for tooth and alas, they did equalise the game in the second half.

at the end of 90 minutes, the game was still at a standstill with the scoreboard reading: 1-1.  extra game time was given and both teams kept up their defense and attack, not giving in, not giving up.

it boiled down to penalty shoot-outs (or whatever professional or cheeeeem term you soccer pros have).

all eyes intent on the television, as each side attempted to score goals.

and germany brought it home with 4-3!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

now, the show has started.

i wonder what will happen during the england – portugal match tomorrow.


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