the one about the last one

the last person of my hall clique has just moved out of hall. that put a full stop to my previous hall life as i will no longer have any reason to go back to that place that is filled with such joyous memories.

i was chatting with one of my close hall friends, YJ, and something he said struck me very deeply.

when the 3-year course people were moving out of hall, namely people in the accountancy and business course, the remaining of our hall friends were saddened just like we were. i remembered that i had cried buckets over the thought of leaving behind my hall life. as we were packing and putting everything in boxes, i could literally see all the previous scenes of my experiences in hall right in front of my eyes. it was heartbreaking.

but just as the world continues to spin, time will not stop for you and me. i said my last goodbyes to my room and to my beloved hallmates and left the place with much lingering gaze.

a year has passed and although i still think of my hall days with much fondness and mayhap a little sadness, i’m glad to say that most of my hall friends are still bonded quite strongly and that is a strong consolation.

now, it’s their turn to pack up and leave. just like us, they did it with much sorrow…maybe lesser compared to us since there were nobody to say goodbye to, nobody to leave behind and as ridiculous as it sounds, i felt a tinge of sadness too.

for this signifies the last of our hall days and puts a stop to any possibility of us going back to hall to relive our old days.

YJ said,” when you all were leaving, all of us were sad. now that we’re leaving and although some of you have moved on for a year, you still feel so strongly the loss. that really say something about what we’ve gained here over the years, doesn’t it?”

yes, what i’ve gained in hall is priceless. living together with so many people, almost 24/7, have allowed a certain group of us to bond together…to develop that degree of friendship that is so beyond our reach sometimes.

if only i could turn back time and experience that all over again. if only.

i miss you, hall four. but more importantly, i miss the together-ness that i’ve felt when i was staying there.

goodbye and thank you for the memories.


8 thoughts on “the one about the last one

  1. wah so sad bobo… uncle already v sad le la… i jus return the hall keys… the key 1 have held on for 4 yr…. =(
    den i read ur post (hehe a bit outdated thou.. i quite bzy moving as u can imagine, den again.. its hard to imagine how many things i have kop-ed dese few years =x)

    anywae… i miss everyone also!!!!
    “WO YONG YUAN AI NI” [abstracted frm Qiong DJ EP, Track 1 – ying2 ying3 zuo4 tong4]

  2. uncle!!!!

    im so so so so surprised!! you came here and you left a comment! yay!

    ya..i know the amount of stuff you’ve kop-ed. its alotttttttt man! hee..

    ya.. very sad. but we can’t stop time from going forward, and we can’t stop circumstances from changing.

  3. wahhh this is super late, but i just got the webby..

    so sad.. i read le i almost cried.. bobo u stop making all of us tear laaa..

    miss everybody so so much.. no more late night conversations… haizz. e feeling is gone forever.. =(

  4. Talk about late man… wonder if you will pick this out. heh..

    Anyway i supp we really gained alot during the times in hall. Be it the good times or the bad times.. we have stucked thru it tog.
    it’s been a year but i miss those dayz still.. =(

  5. hey dazzie, of course i’ll pick it up cos i have esp.

    yar, i know…although it has been two years (for us), i still miss the days. how i wish we can turn back the clock and re-live the experience all over again…

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