the last long weekend

the very last of our long weekends just ended, so i’m getting depressed at the thought that the next public holiday will only come in august.

i should re-cap on what i did this weekend, because it was a very exciting time for me and my family!

the start of the long weekend began on thursday night…

thursday night: ktv with colleagues at kbox in cineleisure.
friday night: km’s house for mahjong, ktv at selegie.
saturday night: dinner with gracey and friends, drinks at pubs.
sunday: joseph’s wedding ceremony and luncheon at marina mandarin!

and now, i’m sitting at the desk in front of the computer, whining about having to go to work tomorrow.

i don’t wannnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnttttttttt to gooooooooooooooooooo to workkkkkkkkkkkkk.

it was an eventful weekend and details about more interesting happenings shall be in another entry. blah!


3 thoughts on “the last long weekend

  1. ehhh hello, are u still drunk from drinking too much on Sat’s night??

    Friday afternoon, you came to my place for MJ lor…

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